Exciting new features added to the Portal

We’re delighted to announce some exciting new features and updates in our Portal:

Simulation Quad – Allowing a Simulation of up to 25 players in order to find players with the best fit for a specific team
GBE Text Descriptors – Building on our previous GBE Status feature, we have added descriptors to show how a player’s GBE points have been calculated
Contract Status – Users can now search by “contract remaining”, such as players with less than 6 months remaining

Keep reading to find out more about the features…


The Simulator Quad is a new page available in the Portal. It allows the user to Simulate the Predicted Chemistry and Tactical Fit of up to 25 players into a team at the same time and compare results.

The aim is the model will highlight which players are likely to gel well with their new teammates (Predicted Chemistry) whilst also highlighting those that will have to adjust to a new set of tactics and playing style (Tactical Fit) when moving to a new team. The players will be displayed in a Quad chart that shows which players have the highest Predicted Chemistry and Tactical Fit out of the 25 players selected, for a specific team.

We have used a Colour Code system to highlight the Predicted Chemistry to provide a guide to the numbers displayed on the Predicted Chemistry axis.

Our research into past transfers shows a Predicted Chemistry of above 75 is a strong indication that a player will link up well in possession with his new teammates.


If players score high for Predicted Chemistry but have low Tactical Fit, it does not necessarily mean you should discard them entirely.

The higher the number for Tactical Fit, the closer the teams’ similarity of playing style as well as the fact the team uses a formation that will suit the player’s most used position.

We have also added the ability to choose an alternative team to set as the comparison for Tactical Fit (Team Style). This gives more flexibility when searching, as a team might be looking at changing their style for example. That team would then be able to choose a “Team Style” that reflects their future ambitions, which would make the recruitment process more efficient.

The Predicted Chemistry will remain focused on the first selected team but the Tactical Fit can be changed to a different team’s style.

The below graphics shows up to 25 right-backs Simulated to Bayern Munich, with the second showing the same players Simulated to Burnley’s style. This shows which players are better suited to the team style, with different results for each.


The ability to predict GB Eligibility of players on the cusp of cut off is essential. The addition of this feature provides an element of being able to address this variability.

We have added a new feature for the GBE points calculation in the Portal. On each players’ Profile page, we have added a new visualisation of a player’s points in the Immigration Criteria window in the form of text descriptors. These describe how the player’s GBE points have been calculated in each criterion, to give more context and detail in order to make more informed decisions.


We have added a filter to allow for users to find players with specific time remaining on their contract. For example, you would now be able to identify players with less than 6 months remaining on their contract. This data is being continually updated.

Be sure to look out for new blogs in the coming weeks here where we will be showcasing new features in action with more detailed explanations and examples of the portal at work.