The Ai Abacus

Direct access to a range of intelligence-driven metrics and intuitive features to predict player performance, value and suitability in a team context.

Intuitive Features


The first step in the recruitment process is to identify the players that meet your criteria and are worth taking a closer look at. Our Advanced Search feature provides affordable access to thousands of players from leagues around the world, enabling you to filter and create shortlists based on a range of pre-set criteria, including age, position, nationality, league, preferred foot and many more.


Once you’ve narrowed down your search, our Profile page provides an in-depth insight into a player’s career history, injury record and versatility. With our modelled Attacking and Defensive Ratings, you can assess current and future performance, whilst our Value Model will help to validate their current transfer and wage value, as well as predicting future changes.


With interactive graphics, and a range of career statistics and unique metrics to select from, our customisable Benchmarking feature allows you to quickly identify and compare similar players. Whether you’re looking to narrow down your shortlist or searching for alternative targets, Benchmarking will help to inform your scouting and improve efficiency.


Our intelligence-driven Simulator enables you to predict the likely success of a player transfer, assessing their suitability for a chosen club based on playing style and chemistry with other players. With the ability to set the proposed contract length, transfer fee, weekly wage and agent fee, you can also evaluate the Cost-Benefit of a transfer based on the total cost versus predicted performance.

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Predictive Metrics


Gain a better understanding of a player’s attacking and defensive abilities, as well as their predicted goal and assist contributions to a team.

Attacking Rating

Rate the offensive ability of a player depending on position by valuing their contribution when in possession.

Defensive Rating

Rate the defensive ability of a player depending on position by valuing their contribution when out of possession.

Performance Rating

Assess a player’s overall performance by combining their Attacking and Defensive Ratings, weighted by their position.

Goals Prediction

Predict how many goals a player will score for a team over the course of a season.

Assists Prediction

Predict how many assists a player will provide for a team over the course of a season.


Take an objective view of a player’s value, calculated using analysis of historic transfers from around the world, trends in performance and their current contract situation.


Transfer Value

Validate the current and predict the future market value of a player.

Wage Value

Validate the current and predict the future wage value of a player.

Cost Benefit Index

Rate value for money by varying the total cost of a player transfer versus their predicted performance in a prospective team.


Identify players that will fit the style and dynamics of a prospective team, predicting chemistry with other players and the likely success of a transfer.

Playing Style Index

Rate the likely fit of a player for a prospective team based on similarities in the playing style and formation of their current team.

Player Chemistry Index

Predict chemistry and cohesion between players to identify those who will work well together and produce positive on-field actions.


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